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Career System Kudos

Kudos about the WiserU Career System. Participants explain how the WiserU Career System helped them land higher-paying career jobs.

Kudos About the WiserU Career System

Participants in the WiserU Career System share why it helped them land meaningful, higher-paying career positions. 

“The WiserU Career System trained me to optimize my resume and LinkedIn profile and taught me how to interview. As a result, I landed a professional-level position immediately after graduation and have gotten an even better job since then. I don't believe I would have landed such great positions without WiserU.”  -- Ryan

"Wow! The WiserU Career System was amazing! I learned exactly what to do to improve my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter and just what to say in my interviews. I feel so much more confident and landed a job within weeks! I'm spreading the word! The WiserU Career System really works. -- Svetlana  

"Having a well-defined, laser focus is key to a successful job search. The WiserU Career System was able to help me find the focus that my job search needed." -- Zach



Even though the system is for recent grads, it helped me, too! I got the job! Your interview questions list was amazingly helpful. I also appreciated the interview clothing guidance and I kept in contact with the employer using your wording and instructions. Thanks for such a great program -- it's thorough and informative. It reminded of little things I'd forgotten. I felt much more at ease and in control. -- Marie

The guidance in the interviewing module was the best, most thorough advice I have ever read or heard on the subject. I studied it thoroughly! It gave me the confidence I needed. I knew just what to say and do every step of the way. -- Alec

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