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Capable -- Turning Candidates into Qualified Hires

WiserU’s Capable turns promising candidates into qualified hires through targeted skills-building, company-fit guidance, and career training.


Organizations hire WiserU to Turn Promising Candidates into Qualified Hires

You've likely heard that the U.S. has a huge talent shortage problem. According to Vox, there are a million more job openings than there are applicants. But something about this stat stinks. And that’s because there are millions of Americans who still can’t get good jobs.


Non-traditional candidates like …

  • Workers over age 50

  • College and coding school graduates

  • The poor / The disadvantaged

  • The disabled

  • The foreign born

  • Veterans

.. have a hard time. As do women and people of color who seek jobs in white, male-dominated industries.

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The problem isn’t a talent shortage. There are millions of unemployed and underemployed people all around us who really want a great career.

The problem is that non-traditional candidates often need help to get hired.

That’s why companies facing huge talent shortages contract with to do three things to ensure themselves many more qualified candidates:

  1. We assess client companies’ promising, yet rejected applicants, plus talented graduates, and other non-traditional candidates, and offer them targeted training to fix their specific weaknesses. This training is paid for by the company so that these candidates will work for the company when they successfully complete their training. Maybe they need to learn Java, improve their math skills, or become a better public speaker. — whatever the specific weakness.

  2. We arrange for their targeted training with top providers, track their training progress, and report their training completion to the company. We do so so that companies will know when they can offer candidates the job and so that they can discontinue paying for candidates who quit or fail at training or who accept a different job.

  3. We train participants in how to fit in, interview for, and excel at that company so the company can take immediate action to hire these now qualified candidates.

Join in getting promising applicants hired and your company fully staffed.

We seek three employers facing major talent shortages to test this program to prove that such focused training will result in many more qualified candidates.

Contact WiserU today to get started! Call Kathy at 314-620-1184 or email

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