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Business Career Services

Organizations hire WiserU to manage these career-related services:

  • Potential candidate assessment and preparation: WiserU will assess and train your job applicants, interns and collegiate candidates to be successful new hires for your organization.

    Our Certified Birkman Method Consultant will help your applicants gain clarity and self-awareness to determine whether your company and the job duties are a good fit for them so that they can opt out -- keeping you from making bad hires.

    Our Career Trainer trains your applicants (either individually or as a group) to become exceptional candidates and eventually exceptional hires. We do so by training them in interviewing, negotiation, communication, and interaction skills, plus dress-for-success and on-the-job success strategies.
    • How your organization can benefit: WiserU can access a group of potential hires from a particular college, military organization or group to assess their viability for your company and then prepare them to successfully attain the position (through improved application, interviewing, dressing, negotiating, and interaction skills building) and then excel on the job.  We can also provide the same services for individual applicants.
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The WiserU Career System customized for your organization or industry. Wish your organization, union or industry could provide comprehensive career services to its members, but you don't have the expertise or time to pull it off? Now you can!

We can customize our proven WiserU Career System to prepare your people to land good jobs.  We will work with an industry-specific subject matter expert to modify the curriculum to meet the specific needs of your members. We can provide a web portal on your site (and even relabel it to match your brand) to link to the customized curriculum. Plus, we can train your members
in person depending on your needs and budget.

  • Organizations that may benefit include companies, unions, military or religious entities, fraternities and sororities, and organizations with large collegiate memberships to keep members engaged with your organization after they graduate.

Contact WiserU today to explore possibilities! Call Susan at 847-606-5160 or email